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This is what we do 


Zack, Jake, and Justin are lifelong wellfleetians. We farm Oysters on our grant in Wellfleet Harbor. Look west from the pier toward Great Island and you’ll see us out there most every day.


Cliff Dalby

In Memoriam 1947-2018

Fifth generation Holbrook and lifelong Wellfleetian. Father to Jacob, Justin and Lauren and husband to Maureen. Cliff got the boys going on the Oyster grant in 1995. Loved and missed, he will always be remembered for his catch-phrase,
“That’ll never work . . .”


Work on the farm is never done . . . but it’s good work and we don’t stop.



Farm Manager

Jake, his wife Pilar and their daughter Ferran are rabid Celtics fans and horse lovers. Jake loves coffee and table tennis.


Justin Dalby

Boat Captain

Cap’n Justin and Jess Dalby live in Wellfleet with their two young daughters, Coral and Stella. They go boating every Sunday in the summer. Justin likes playing hoops and fishing.


Zack Dixon

General Manager

Zack, Settie and Ella Mae Dixon love to travel. Their favorite off-Cape destinations are London and NYC. Zack is a golfer.


Our Mission

Wellfleet has some of the best conditions anywhere for growing Oysters. We’re proud to be one of a small number of traditional family farms in Wellfleet. We partner with people who love to have connection in their lives and businesses.